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TAHIR - You Had One Job

  • FRI 19TH OCT @ 7PM
  • SAT 20TH OCT @ 6PM

“FAT PIZZA”, “HOUSOS”, “Swift and Shift Couriers”, “The FOOTY Show”
Co-Creator of “Here Come The HABIBS”
Co-Creator and star of “STREETSMART”
“YOU HAD ONE JOB!” is TAHIR’s latest hilarious live comedy production.

HARLEY BREEN - Flat Out Doing Nothing

  • FRI 17 AUG @ 7PM
  • SAT 18 AUG @ 6PM

FLAT OUT DOING NOTHING returns with added shows due to popular demand! 2 nights only!

TITUS O'REILY - The Bye Round Tour 2018

  • FRI 31 AUG @ 7PM

Sports satirist phenomenon Titus O’Reily once again brings his unique and acerbic wit to the stage to keep AFL lovers entertained with his hilarious take on the 2018 AFL season in his second annual Bye Round Tour!

SAM TAUNTON - It’s Nice, It’s Modern

  • FRI 7 SEP @ 7PM

Nice: Pleasing: agreeable: delightful: Sam Taunton.
Modern: Relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past; just now: Sam Taunton.



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