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28.10.2017 - 29.10.2017 19.15 h - 20.15 h
Sat 28 Oct, 7:15pm
$36.00 + Booking Fee
(02) 9357 1419

Shane Mauss wants us all to have a good trip. His hilarious, thought-provoking, stand-up-storytelling comedy show will open your eyes to psychedelics in Shane’s unique, informative and charming style.
In A Good Trip Mauss takes his audience on a funny journey through the stigma, history, laws, and science of psychedelics; sharing personal experiences and discussing the effects of hallucinogens such as mushrooms, LSD, and DMT.  Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar, he’s worked hard to articulate the experience for all - and Shane is finally bringing his acclaimed comedy show about psychedelics, science and how they mesh to Australia this October.
A lot has happened to Shane since he last visited our shores in 2013. He’s broken both his feet, had date after date added to his already huge 50-date US tour until it reached a monstrous 120+ shows, and befriended a purple DMT spirit. Shane has played SXSW, guested on your favourite comedy podcasts (You Made It Weird, WTF with Marc Maron, Duncan Trussell’s Family Hour, Ari Shaffir’s Sceptic Tank and Wil Anderson’s TOFOP to name a few), performed everywhere from Conan to Jimmy Kimmel to Just For Laughs, has a Netflix special and has travelled across the US interviewing scientists about the meaning of life for his podcast Here We Are.
 Join Shane as he shares a journey that he knows is not for everyone, in an open and hilarious way in this absolutely must-see show. He has a big following and a lot of people gagging to see this show so early purchase is strongly advised!
“Part Birbiglian monologue, part educational lecture, A Good Trip is far closer to a humorous TED Talk than to Super High Me… a gut-busting piece of stand-up comedy” The Austin Chronicle (US)
‘Mauss blends personal narrative, standup, and science to demystify and disentangle psychedelics from decades of stigma and misinformation. Whether you’re “experienced” or not, the show promises to be both informative and entertaining.’ - Miami New Times (US)
‘Evocative stand-up comedy, hilarious anecdotes, and educational snippets on the theme of psychedelics.’ - EU Jacksonville (US)
‘Mauss is intelligent, likable and sharp...he’s taking audiences inside the mind and experiences of a man who loves drugs and the neuroscience behind them’ – VICE

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